Saturday, June 24, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week #65 (Special "Wait, can I retire now, or do I have to work till I'm 80?" edition)

1) Netflix: Despite a rare glitch (at least for me) earlier this week, Netflix done good. It debuted Moana and the GLOW series. I was never a fan of that particular brand of wrestling, but you combine Alison Brie with pro wrestling, and I am gonna give it a shot.

2) Hulu: After catching up on Gotham, I saw The Brady Bunch Movie before it expired at the end of the month. It's amusing, but I remember being surprised by it and enjoying it so much when it appeared in theaters. That moment will never return, I suppose. SIGH. Thanks for making me all SAD, Hulu!

Also, the Disney 1999 Tarzan is now on Hulu, which makes me wonder yet again what the deal is with that Netflix/Disney deal that was supposed to give us all that good catalog stuff.

3) PIX 11: I am enjoying the recent diversity in the archive offerings. It must be Jeffrey Lyons month, as they posted a retrospective on John Wayne he hosted, plus his original reviews of The Blue Lagoon and The Blues Brothers.

4) MLB TV: I was just remarking how amazing it was that on a given weekday, I could watch any baseball game being played if I wanted to, and how not so long ago I wouldn't even have the option.  I still complained about the Pirates losing, mind you, but it was nice to relax and see it happen.

5) YouTube: Just when I despair that all the good stuff is yanked from YouTube, I find a dozen other things I didn't even know were there. I still have to ask, hey, Don Henley, why don't you let someone post the video for "Not Enough Love in the World"?

6) Shout! Factory TV: It added a few horror movies to fill out a paltry June update, but no matter because I am still enjoying the afterglow of that Dr. Ruth/Burt Reynolds show I mentioned last week.

7) Pub-D-Hub: I really miss the old commercials when a week's update doesn't have them, but there is plenty of other stuff to watch--most of it old, cheap, and maybe slightly bizarre.

8) HBO: I no longer have HBO, so I know again what it is like to miss it. Farewell, this season of Veep. SIGH. Hey, these rankings are not supposed to bring me down so much.

9) TuneIn: Hey, eighties station, didn't Cliff Richard have more than one song? And on a related note, the joy of discovering a rare song dissipates when you play it again at the same time the next day.

10) The CW: Well, I had to go here to see the Supergirl season finale, so on one hand, good for CW's streaming channel for existing. On the other hand,

Thursday, June 22, 2017

TODAY on Battle of the Network Shows!

Today on Battle of the Network Shows, we finally talk about the series that inspired our title, one of the most era-ish shows of the BOTNS era!

Check it out right here. Don't ya dare miss it!

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TV Promo Theatre #3: Teenage America: The Glory Years

In this series, we've looked at ABC and NBC, so I thought I'd give some love to CBS. I believe this 1986 promo is voiced by longtime Tiffany Network voice man Mark Elliott:

But let's talk about the special itself, which aired in 1986.   It actually looks kind of annoying.  Isn't it kind of quaint, though? Can you picture a broadcast network doing something like this today? Maybe we'd get Millennial Mayhem or something, but a show about the rise of the teenager in American culture?

Of course, the success of Back to the Future surely helped inspire this. I do not remember this one at all. I certainly don't remember John Ritter dressed as "Wild One" Marlon Brando:

Talk about an idiosyncratic choice to host!

OK, I talked myself into it: I want to see this now.

Special thanks to the great Sean Mc for uploading this.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

And Now...a Word fromTHEIR Sponsor

(NOTE: This is a cross-post with Battle of the Network Shows, where you can grab the latest episode of our podcast, in which we discuss game shows Sale of the Century and Face the Music)

It's not difficult to envision Jim Perry as a consummate pitchman. He's so polished in all  his game show work, and his Sale of the Century stint indicates he is comfortable pushing product. One of my favorite YouTube uploaders, Bionic Disco, just posted an early Perry commercial that throws me a bit, though. He just looks so...young in this one. Check it out:

At first, I am taken aback by the haircut, but as I settle in and get past that (OK, it may have taken me a few watches), I am THERE. I want that salt.  I mean, I want that salt he has right there in the ad. I want to take that little jar and chug that Morton's Lite Salt. If this were Sale of the Century, I'd throw away $10--the value of two questions--just for a heaping portion of salt. He wouldn't even have to sweeten (or salt?) the deal by throwing in a set of shakers.

The poise, the delivery, the confidence--even in the 1970s, Jim Perry was the man.

Monday, June 19, 2017

'Mooners Monday #17: Our first DANCE CONTEST!

Yes, folks, as we examine "Mama Loves Mambo," one of my favorite episodes, it's time to play Dancing with the 'Mooners with our talented cast. Winners will be determined by a combination of reader feedback, chatter from the squirrels in the park, and my own judgment.

First up: the alluring Angelina Manicotti:

And 4 other lovely ladies in the contest:
IMDB says that's Mrs. Stevens from the Xmas episode second from the right.

Don't forget the men, though! Of course there is the mambo teacher himself, Carlos:

And Mr. Manicotti, keeping up quite well with his wife:

Finally, how about a hand for Ralph and Ed, who can mambo with the best of them:

Next week's 'Mooners Monday will announce the winner of our first dance contest!


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 64 (Special "Hey, we could put all these into a big tournament bracket" edition)

1) Hulu: Yes, it's time for Hulu to take over the top spot again. It didn't really do all that much, but it does have Star Trek Beyond this weekend. Handmaid's Tale concluded and may turn out to be a difference maker. Cardinal is new. Catch The Brady Bunch Movie before it leaves at the end of the month. Mostly, though, I'm happy to see Seinfeld.

2) Netflix: Netflix slips despite premiering "Part 3" of The Ranch. Let's face it, calling it "Part 3" costs it some points. Count me unimpressed by the new seasons of Shonda Rimes shows showing up.

3) Seeso: Amid news of layoffs, which come after the news that the SVOD service was scaling back on original programming, let's honor it with a high position because it looks like it ain't gonna get any better. As much as I'd like to see the strategy shift to buying rights to rare sitcoms and putting them up there, I fear that's not going to happen. I still think there's a decent concept here, but it just needed more content to grab people for 3.99 a month.

4) Warner Archive Instant: Would rate high this week on the strength of an epic touch football game involving the Bradfords., but also, just in time for Father's Day, the complete series of The Courtship of Eddie's Father, which I think is making its debut on WAI.

5) Shout! TV: I really hate that it takes me an hour and a half to watch a 45-minute program with all the commercials, but you gotta love Shout! for putting up these old, poor-quality Good Sex with Dr. Ruth episodes from Lifetime in the 1980s. Highlight of the first episode: Dr. Ruth asking Burt Reynolds why he chews gum, then asking him if he chews gum while making love.

6) MLB.TV: The Pirates looked pretty good in their retro unis last night.  By the way, this is one of the rare services out there that

7) YouTube: I really feel like YT should be drummed out of the top 10 for deleting the account of one of the best old-school wrestling uploaders, but there is still plenty of good 1980s WWF content on there (SHH!), plus I enjoyed an episode of the Red Buttons sitcom The Double Life of Henry Phyfe and my man Sean Mc and some others uploaded some great promos and commercials. All this gets YouTube a good ranking even though it was actually down for a while the other day

8) Pub-D-Hub: The weekly update was highlighted by an episode of the Boston Blackie TV series and a clip of Penny Singleton singing "Varsity Drag" from Good News.

9) TubiTV: I had a sudden and inexplicable urge to watch the failed 2014 FX Kelsey Grammer/Martin Lawrence sitcom Partners when I saw it was on here, but Tubi gets docked a point or two for loading up a live video feed (Newsy) when I start the channel. It's annoying and distracting when I'm trying to

10) Amazon: Because my podcast co-conspirator reminded me that you can still find goofy crap like old Three Stooges public domain shorts on Prime Video alongside stuff like...well, like Star Trek Beyond, which also premieres here this weekend.