Tuesday, December 24, 2013

That sneaky Alice! (Happy Christmas Eve)

I watched the Brady Bunch's Christmas episode, "The Voice of Christmas" for the first time in years recently. I actually screened it with the kids, and seeing it with them really made this corny, ol' show come to life again for me. They loved it.

One thing about this episode bothers me, though. Alice is trying to hide a gift, and she is snooping around in Mike and Carol's bedroom for a spot to stash a sizable package. First she opens a closet:

Then she opens another closet. The Bradys sure had plenty of closet space (please hold your Robert Reed jokes).

Next she tries under the bed, because no one ever looks there for a gift, right?

Groovy wrapping paper, right? Problem is she bumps into something, which makes her realize her spot isn't as original as she thought:

So Alice gives up, and as you can tell by the look on her face, she is disgusted because she actually has to...

Put the gift IN HER OWN ROOM!

Seriously, Alice has her own quarters, an area in which no one else, with the obvious exception of Sam the Butcher ever enters. She has the perfect place to store a present. Yet she goes peeping around the Bradys' master bedroom. What exactly is Alice hiding under HER bed, hmm?

Here's hoping your presents are safe and sound tonight!

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