Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cut that Cord! Cut that Cord! Cut that Cord...

It's been a while since I ranted about the uselessness of the majority of cable TV networks. While on vacation, I noticed "Law and Order" on WE-TV. OK, that's not a huge deal in and of itself. That network isn't on anyone's radar, anyway, so it's easy enough to ignore. Besides, I figured, maybe TNT was finally retiring its old workhorse.

Well, no. TNT is still showing "Law and Order." Plus WGN America picked up "Law and Order" and will air it in monolithic mini-marathon blocks...just like everyone else. So WE-TV adding the show is really a useless move that adds no utility to the channel.

That's not even the worst of it, though. While looking this up, I learned that yet another cable net is proud to add "L&O" as the new year arrives. That channel is...Sundance Channel! Yes, that's right, Sundance is going to show played-out TV reruns that are abundant elsewhere. I believe it is still a sister network of WE, so maybe this move makes sense for the parent company as a way to spread out the acquisition cost. But if you're a viewer, so what?

To me this is yet another sign that we have way too many cable TV channels, we are paying way too much for them, and the situation is not likely to change anytime soon. Unless someone starts trying new and creative ways to use the cable real estate, we might as well get some more consolidation. Or a la carte plans. (HA!)

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