Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New at Classic Flix: My epic review of Big Valley Season 2

I wrote a feature-length review of Timeless' DVD set of Season 2 of "The Big Valley"--the first video release of the show since 2007--and it was posted day and date--yesterday--at ClassicFlix. A little tease is below, but  read the whole thing here:

The Big Valley - Season 2
By Rick Brooks
It's not quite as dramatic as the proverbial cavalry thundering forward on horseback to save a besieged wagon train, but Timeless Media Group pulls off an impressive rescue by freeing The Big Valley from the barren, unforgiving desert of DVD limbo. The complete Season 2 set arrives 7 years after Fox ceased production after 1 ½ seasons. That's right, 1 ½. Fox released Season 1 in a single collection before splitting Season 2 but leaving fans hanging after the first volume.

Now all 30 episodes of Season 2 (1966-1967) are available on 5 discs. I doubt that I have to sell existing fans on this, though they may be concerned that 6 hour-long episodes are packed on each individual...

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