Monday, May 5, 2014

Things Only I Want to See: Drive-In Follies

Someone should put together a montage of vintage film clips showing hapless drive-in customers pulling away without replacing the speakers. I want to see cars racing off and bringing a little stake or post out of the ground. I want to see a cheap little speaker dragging along in the grass behind the vehicle. It's beyond cliché at this point, but you have to admit "Yakety Sax" would be the perfect musical accompaniment for this parade of wackiness.

Maybe we could even get some footage of sheepish patrons handing over a tangled mass of cable or wire to a bemused attendant. Ideally the camera angle would show Dad's family in the background, trying to duck out of sight.

Does anyone have this kind of material—genuine examples of this, mind you, from the glory days of the drive-in—on hand? I doubt there's enough to make a 5-minute gag reel, let alone a feature film. Boy, would I pay to see a documentary just about that, though. That has to be the funniest aspect of drive-in theater history.

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