Sunday, December 21, 2014

Coming Soon: My Journey into Amazon Prime Instant Video

After Amazon practically begged me to sign up for a free month of Prime--I could have sworn I already used a free trial years ago, but who am I to argue when I can get free shipping for the holidays--I got on board and started browsing the kind of vast but even more kind of inaccessible Instant Video library.

It turns out it's still a major pain (Hey, is Major Payne on there? It's not on Netflix, so what a GAME CHANGER it would be if Prime had it!) to find things on there, but after digging a bit, I've found some cool oddball items that I haven't seen elsewhere. See, Prime has some high-profile movies, like the just-added "Wolf of Wall Street," for example, but most of those are already on Netflix. What appeal to me are the rarer shows and films Netflix isn't bothering to carry.

Look for some posts over the next few weeks talking about some of these finds. I'm not saying these are all what you'd call..."good" or "worth watching," but they're not on Netflix, and that's something!

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