Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The difference between Netflix and Hulu

Well, apart from the annoying commercials that pollute Hulu programming...

Netflix added "Gilmore Girls" to its service October 1. By that I mean 7 seasons, 153 episodes of "Gilmore Girls" are available on Netflix for Instant Watching.

Hulu added "Gilmore Girls" to its service a few weeks ago. However, on Hulu, you only get 5 "Gilmore Girls."

No, I don't mean 5 seasons. I mean 5 episodes. Hulu added 5 episodes of this show. Why bother?

Netflix doesn't mess around with "Let's save some money and license the first 3 seasons," or, "Do we really need so many episodes of that show?" No, it almost always adds ALL episodes when it adds a series. In fact, the recent debut of 'The Roseanne Collection" stands out because it IS an incomplete series add, but even that is 50 or so episodes. 50 is a lot more than 5.

UPDATE: Hulu apparently removed even the 5 episodes it posted before. Maybe the show went up too early and lingered too long. Perhaps someone there realized how lame it was to have 5 scattered episodes of a program that ran 7 seasons. Now if someone can get them to work on the CBS/Paramount library shows...

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