Friday, July 17, 2015

No thanks, Netflix

I'm watching a lot of "Quincy" this month because it leaves in August, part of the apparent ongoing purge of older content from Netflix's streaming library. I wish Quincy were around to go on "one of his trademark crusades" (quote from one of the episode descriptions) against Netflix's shabby treatment of catalog content.

Lately I keep getting a recommendation to watch "Murder, She Wrote" "because I watch Quincy." Netflix, stop pimping Jessica Fletcher (OK, I wrote it, and I'm not going to delete it, but let's not go there). I don't want to watch "Murder, She Wrote."

You know what I want to watch? "Quincy!"  That's why I'm viewing so much of the series. Jessica is not an acceptable substitute. Your algorithms and recommendations may seem cool, but they're not going to make me forget that you're dumping so many series that I actually like.

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