Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is an actual network, folks

While looking at the TV listings the other day, I notice ION was showing a lot of "Criminal Minds" reruns. When I say a lot, I mean a lot--like ALL DAY a lot.

So I wondered, what does Ion show these days when it isn't running a "Criminal Minds" marathon? The answer: Not a lot. What a great job it must be running scheduling at ION!

The lineup for Monday 9/14:

9:00AM--1:00PM Numbers
1:00PM--01:00AM Criminal Minds

OK, that's just one weekday. How about Tuesday 9/15?

9:00AM--01:00PM Numbers
1:00PM--11:00PM Criminal Minds

Ah, wait, now, we got to be fair. ION really mixes it up on Tuesday, replacing those last two hours with an actual third program,:

11:00PM--01:00AM The Listener

Maybe Wednesday adds some variety?

9:00AM--01:00PM Ghost Whisperer

Hey! Something besides "Numbers" for 4 hours. Well, that's something, right? So what's on the rest of the day?

01:00PM--01:00AM Ghost Whisperer


Well, Thursday is another day.

09:00 AM--01:00AM Blue Bloods

Another show is in the mix, but it's on ALL DAMN DAY.

Friday brings us:

09:00AM--06:00PM Ghost Whisperer
06:00PM--01:00AM Law and Order: Criminal Intent

WHAAA? A non-CBS show? Ooh, ION gets edgy on Friday nights!

Seriously, that's 16 hours a day for 5 weekdays, and ION runs 6 different series, and one is Canadian and only shows up for two hours. That is ridiculous. I get this, but I can't get Retro TV? At least Retro shows programs that aren't currently on the air.

I just believe that scheduling a major television outlet should involve a little bit more than going to Best Buy and stocking up when they're having a CBS Television 2-for-1 DVD sale. Even an infomercial or two would look goof in this lineup.

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