Thursday, November 24, 2016

TV Time Bonus: Thanksgiving with the Douglas family and Johnny Squanto

If you enjoyed my ClassicFlix piece on Thanksgiving episodes, you might enjoy a closer look at a few of the episodes I discussed. Today let's spend some more time with the Douglas family on My Three Sons in season 1's "Chip's Harvest."

Here's a glamour shot for all you turkey lovers out there

Robbie is already salivating over Bub's planned feast

Steve's thoughtful expression as the boys debate the invitation Chip gave Johnny Squanto. Either that or Freddie Mac is pondering his tee time for the next morning.


There's almost a nourish feel to the sequence when Steve visits Johnny Squanto at his old shack. Almost.
Even Bub can't cook a turkey without a working stove

Let's just not comment on this one

Here's that foxy young teacher Robbie invited to the family dinner

"What are YOU looking at, buddy?"

Seriously, how old is that teacher supposed to be?

Squanto in full gear after saving Thanksgiving

STILL a lot safer than those deep fryers

A good old-fashioned feast after all. Only thing missing is the toast and the popcorn


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