Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Eight Is Enough: A Photo Essay

"Photo essay" is so much classier than "bunch of screencaps," isn't it? Let's take a look at some shots from the Season2 episode of Eight Is Enough titled "Mortgage Burnin' Blues."

This one has it all--bar brawls, guest stars, and most importantly, Grant Goodeve and Willie Ames singing.

The episode begins with the Bradfords throwing a party to celebrate the paying off of the mortgage on the house. And what would a party be without David and Tommy singing? No party at all, that's what.

Their chemistry inspires Tommy to book the brothers at a local bar's amateur night, and he even creates some stage patter for the occasion.

Unfortunately, not everyone feels the Bradford boys' charms the way I do. Case in point: obnoxious heckler Gerald McRaney. I wonder what McRaney's  ratio of obnoxious to decent characters is?

Long story short, Gerald instigates a skirimish involving the Bradford daughters, a brawl breaks out, and--hey, it's that big guy from the weird Sanford continuation NBC tried in 1980:

You can see this episode on Warner Archive Instant, where the whole series streams. Not all episodes have as much action as this one, though!

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