Saturday, June 15, 2013

I'm back...back in a (undisclosed location of Cultureshark Tower) groove...I'm back...

The new and improved Cultureshark Tower is up and running, I am monitoring the world of pop culture as promised, and of course the Federales are surely monitoring me. Look for an actual post on Monday, and before too long I hope to resume my standard post rate of 10 or so per day. Er, well, it was more like daily.

OK, at least I did a few posts a week, and I'll try to stick to that. Fair warning, though, that I still have a lot of things going on. Fortunately, though, I am now finding some time to actually consume the pop culture we all love and occasionally mock, and, hey, I might as well try to write about it, right?

In the meantime, I leave you this Father's Day weekend with this: I went to a new place for a haircut today, asked for something akin to a crew cut, and, well, when I used the phrase almost like the military, I didn't expect to get the Private Pyle from "Full Metal Jacket." It's never a good sign when the woman who cuts your hair tells you as you're paying--and I swear I am not fabricating this for effect--"It'll grow back."

I suddenly have the urge to watch some "Kojak" episodes...

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