Thursday, June 13, 2013

We thank you for your patience...

I realize this blog has been a desolate place recently; even the crickets and tumbleweeds got tired of waiting around. I promise actual content will resume shortly, though.

As for where I've been, hey, why are you getting into my business? When I'm ready to tell you--oh, wait, nobody asked me where I've been. Sorry about that.

I am in the process of finalizing a divorce (and I don't mean divorcing myself from ME-TV and Antenna for merely swapping shows and not adding anything cool) and, more importantly in terms of the blog, moving Cultureshark Tower.

That's right, there is a brand-new Cultureshark Tower, and I am proud to say it was constructed with not ONE CENT of taxpayer money. I'm still getting the place established and installing the massive communications network that allows me to monitor vintage and current pop culture (there's a fancy way of putting that, eh?), and I'm still trying to calibrate the sun angle to get the optimal location for the death ray, but after I get squared away, the ones and ones of you who follow this site will tolerate--or, enjoy--more posts.

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