Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ready for the Big Game?

Personally I think the NFL made a big mistake by playing the Super Bowl after the Pro Bowl. How can the nation get back up for football after the spectacle of some of the game's best players, complemented by a slew of good ones replacing the ones that couldn't bother to be there, kind of trying to win?

I endorsed Denver several weeks ago, and I continue to root for Peyton Manning, but if the digits of the score happen to fall a certain way and I happen to win a few books in an office pool, I could tolerate a victory by either side.

I am amazed at the expansion of the halftime filler to include the Kitten Bowl and the Fish Bowl alongside the ever-popular Puppy Bowl. Me, I'm grateful for anything that gives me an excuse not to watch Bruno Mars, but my own plan is to fire up an episode of "Jackpot Bowling" with Milton Berle. In other words, yep, you guessed it, it'll be the Bowl Bowl.

As long as the wings are good, though, it should be an enjoyable evening. Have fun tonight, folks, and don't get any concussions.

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