Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Still more shameless self-promotion: New review at ClassicFlix

If you just can't wait for the next TV Time column, I have good news for you:  My review of the brand-new VCI release of "Waterfront Volume 1" is up at ClassicFlix. Don't you dare miss it!


Waterfront, Vol. 1
By Rick Brooks
VCI's latest classic television DVD is a pleasant surprise, not just because Waterfront may be one of the most obscure programs to get a video release in 2015, but because the show is so entertaining. Airing in syndication from 1954 to 1956, this black-and-white half-hour adventure/drama may not be the most sophisticated example of early TV, but it stands out with its blend of action and lighter family-oriented elements.

Waterfront Volume 1 contains 10 of the first 14 episodes, including the debut, "The Skipper's Day." As on its recent "My Little Margie" and "I Married Joan" collections (which I review here), VCI apparently uses 16mm film prints as source (read more)

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