Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Quit teasing me, Hulu!

Perhaps not everyone is as obsessive as me when it comes to checking Hulu Plus each day for new additions (note that I don't say not *anyone*, but not *everyone*), so maybe this won't irritate as many folks as it does me. But I have had it with Hulu teasing me with big pictures and screengrabs of "Seinfeld," images that make me think the show is there. Of course, it ain't available yet; it's "coming July 24," and in the meantime Hulu wants us to check out clips and promos.

I don't want clips and promos. I want full episodes! I have wanted them ever since I read that Hulu acquired streaming rights to the whole series. The initial publicity said the show was coming in June, and I assumed that meant June 1. Unfortunately I made an ass out of me and me, as I discovered weeks later when Hulu said, "Oh, yeah, 'Seinfield' will be here June 24." So I have that date imprinted in my brain, an organ which is already stunted by years of television, but I still get my hopes up each time I see this "Seinfeld" tease campaign on Hulu.

I admit it's refreshing to see such a build for a new show, but enough already! Just give us the episodes. Spend some time promoting something like "Here's Edie" or "Ernie Kovacs"? Granted, you probably spent about $999,950 less per episode, but there are probably people that don't know those shows are even on your service.

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