Sunday, August 16, 2015

Checking back in with Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll (All right!)

The title of my post comes from the previews I saw over and over and over again while catching up on the latest season of "Louie." A few weeks ago I mentioned I may have to "hatewatch" this new Denis Leary FX comedy. Well, I'm watching it, but I'm not hating it!

Yes, some of the things I worried about have already surfaced. By the end of the first episode, there was already tension over whether Leary's aspiring rocker daughter, played by Elizabeth Gilles, would sleep with Leary's former bandmate, Flash, played by John Corbett. I worried about that scenario because we saw a similar dynamic on "Rescue Me" before it went off the rails. Plus for some reason I just really don't want John Corbett to get to sleep with her.

In the second episode, the band staged a sort of intervention to try to get Leary's Johnny Rock sober enough to write some songs. I worried about this scenario because "Rescue Me" went down the recovery road (road to recovery seemed trite, but see how I reworked it) soooo many times.

Fortunately this show is not "Rescue Me," though it is already going to the same well. Leary is more the butt of the joke in this series. "Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll" is more pure comedy than "Rescue Me," which makes the whole thing pretty easy to take. And most importantly, this is a half-hour program, so it gets in and out quickly before it can seem too indulgent.

So far, so good. The show is exactly what you think it would be but not yet what you fear it would be. It's not as ambitious nor as fresh and exciting as "Rescue Me" was when it began, but nor is it as tiresome as "Rescue Me" was at the end. After a few episodes, I'm ready to sit back, enjoy, and stop comparing it to "Rescue Me."

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