Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Shameless Self-Promotion: New at ClassicFlix

Just posted yesterday: My review of the brand-new DVD collection "The Rebel: The Complete Series"  from Timeless.  Sneak preview is below. Don't you dare miss it!

The Rebel - The Complete Series
TV TIME: The Rebel Lives Up to Its Name
Yesterday | by Rick Brooks
Johnny Yuma was a rebel

He roamed through the West

And Johnny Yuma, the rebel

He wandered alone

Timeless' 11-DVD collection of The Rebel offers both seasons and all 76 episodes of the 1959-1961 half-hour Western, each uncut with the iconic theme song sung by Johnny Cash. The series, which originally aired on ABC, is a provocative and distinctive example of the genre and is itself worthy of a purchase, but a solid group of extras give the set significant added value.

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