Thursday, December 24, 2015

Classic shows I wish did a Christmas episode

This time of year, it can feel like the Christmas episodes are steamrolling every other kind of plot or theme in existence, but it's not like every television series does one. Sure, some shows do something every year, but you  might be surprised at some of the programs that have never done a Christmas episode. Here are a few I really would like to see:

*Sgt. Bilko: Just because anything Bilko-related is awesome. I wish there were a "Bilko" episode about everything, really, but I envision a great holiday con playing out with Philbert Silvers and company, even one with an ultimately tender resolution.

*My Three Sons: A family sitcom runs 12 years and 380 episodes and never gets around to devoting one of them to Christmas? Unbelievable! I take it as a personal affront that we can't enjoy Bub and/or Charley bah-humbugging their way through 20-some minutes of merriment in the Douglas household. Did Fred MacMurray think reading Xmas-related lines would spoil his golf game?

*Leave It to Beaver: I can't believe the Cleavers never got a yuletide showcase. In contrast, the Nelson family had what felt like a dozen of 'em--and good on Ozzie for that.

*Batman: This series really missed an opportunity by not creating an over-the-top rogue Santa type who stole presents from the good citizens of Gotham.

*The Adventures of Superman: And while we're at it, hey, didn't they celebrate the holiday in Metropolis?

*I Dream of Jeannie: It's understandable that many link this sitcom with "Bewitched" in the annals of popular culture, but here's a big difference: Samantha Stephens made celebrating Christmas almost an annual tradition, while Jeannie never did it. I'm not a huge admirer of this series, either, but Barbara Eden in a Santa's little helper outfit would have made this a winner.

*Hogan's Heroes: OK, it would have been bizarre, now that I think about it, but so was the whole series premise.

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