Monday, December 28, 2015

Cultureshark versus...Leonard Maltin?

I just got a copy of the third (the latest and greatest) edition of "Leonard Maltin's Classic Movie Guide," and I want to report a dilemma: I recently watched an oldie but goodie on Blu-Ray and enjoyed it for what I was, though I wasn't ready to give it **** or anything. In fact, my positive review will be appearing on ClassicFlix soon.

I looked up the same movie in the Guide, and Maltin and his team are much less cheerful, giving it *.5 and calling it "numbingly awful." Numbingly awful? I don't want to disrespect the Guide, but, jeez, "numbingly awful" is pretty harsh. I am starting to doubt every opinion I have about movies. I got through this motion picture without any loss of feeling whatsoever.

Do I have to challenge Leonard to a review-off? No, certainly not; that emergency option must only be called as a last resort. I will accept this difference of opinion and move on. I do have another issue with Leonard and his publisher, though, one that WILL make me take action. I'll talk about that when I review the book in an upcoming post.

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