Tuesday, August 30, 2016

If only there were, say, I don't know, a video store where I could rent a movie...

Out of curiosity, I checked the invaluable instantwatcher.com  to see if any movies featuring the late Gene Wilder were available for streaming on Netflix. Here's what I found:

         Search for 'Gene Wilder' 0 matches

It's not like the other usual suspects are  much help, though. I saw a Decider story touting "how to stream the top Gene Wilder movies"  or something like that. Don't bother. First of all, the shameless feature lists the films but makes you click through each title to see the streaming options. Plus they are all lame. You can't actually "stream" them as part of an existing service. You can PAY TO RENT them for like 3 bucks for a non-HD video from Amazon (not part of Prime Video) or Google Play or some other rental option.

Remember the days when, if you wanted to see a movie more than 2 years old, you could go to your local video store and, for a small fee, borrow it for several days?

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