Monday, August 22, 2016

Summer of Angst: James Dean with the "Live TV Camera Bomb"

Back we go to "The Lost Television Legacy of James Dean" DVD set from TCM.

James has only a minor role in the unexceptional "Studio One in Hollywood" production of "Ten Thousand Horses Singing," but he still stands out...sort of. He's a bellboy, but you can bet he's a sensitive bellboy. Unfortunately, we don't get much evidence of that.

We do get some awkward composition on screen, though:

I wonder if he's even supposed to be in the shot.

This is not a classic, but this love story starring John Forsythe has some interesting moments. For instance, it features the great Grady Sutton in a key role:

In fact, I'd tell Dean fans not to get this for Dean...but Grady Sutton fans should be happy.

Let's go back to that elevator and close with a shot of Forsythe appearing to stare daggers at Dean:

"You want to do WHAT with my niece Kelly?"

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