Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Batman 66 retro action figures--here's who I want to see

The explosion of merchandising of the 1966 Batman TV series is leading to some of the ancillary characters getting their due. I just discovered the ongoing line of Mego-style figures made by Figures Toy Company now includes the likes of:

There are also King Tut, Barbara Gordon, and more! I had no idea these existed (or perhaps I heard about them, saw the decidedly-unretro price, and forgot about them), and I think it's great the secondary villains are getting some merch. Maybe someday we can get a Chad and Jeremy set, a Sammy Davis Jr. peeking through the window figure, and maybe even a line of villain molls (R.I.P. Francine York, the Bookworm's Lydia).

In the meantime, I hope to see these guys in the next set:

I would strongly consider buying those, even at 25 bucks a pop. I would take a long, hard look at these were they to be manufactured:


Dann Deleteme said...

Careful with that Louie the Lilac figure. You could put your eye out.

Rick Brooks said...