Saturday, January 28, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 44 (Special How long before pitchers and catchers report Edition

1) YouTube: When TV icon Mary Tyler Moore died this week, people who wanted to watch her most famous work would have been puzzled to find Hulu only had 3 seasons of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Fans of The Dick Van Dyke Show might have fared better, but it's goofy that you have to go to YouTube to find this stuff. And if you want to see her not-so-famous (or even infamous) work, well, you have to rely on YouTube for that because the major streaming services don't bother with things like short-lived sitcom flops and short-lived variety/sitcom hybrid...uh, flops.

2) Amazon: Let's not pat Amazon on the back TOO much for being "the first streaming service to get a Best Picture nomination." After all, Manchester by the Sea isn't even on Amazon Prime yet!

3) Netflix: Congrats for the nomination for 13th and for a couple nominated documentary shorts. Also, it's impressive that CW's No Tomorrow shows up on Netflix so soon after its season finale, proving that the CW deal is indeed legit.

4) Hulu: It does get credit for The Dick Van Dyke Show, but how lame is it that it has only had the same 3 seasons of MTM Show ever since the service launched? I'll tell you--too lame to be overcome by the premiere of season 2 of The Path.

Also, Hulu did something really annoying. It posted a photo of Golden Girls in its recently added shows section even though the show isn't coming for several weeks. Of course you can't tell that until you click through and experience the irritation. Hulu does this kind of thing all the time, and it's a big knock against it.

5) TuneIn: I'm STILL tired of hearing "Father Figure" on the 80s channels, though.

6) Pub-D-Hub: Last week's update included Plymouth Theater's presentation of "A Tale of Two Cities," which is notable because of the cool animation in the sponsor opening and because it gives me the opportunity to say it was the best of updates, it was the worst of updates. OK, sorry about that. Actually it was far from the worst because it also included a batch of clips from previous presidential inaugurations, a nicely timed feature for subscribers.

7) The CW: Well, I wasn't thrilled with Riverdale, but it was nice to see it for free the morning after it premiered.

8) HBO  Now: The new Beware the Slenderman might get more attention this weekend, but I want to mention Becoming Warren Buffet in the vain hope that somehow the mere association gets me some money.

9) PIX11: Good to see PIX throw a few more nuggets from the archives, but, jeez--Challenger tragedy coverage, an item about the death of Andre the Giant...Give me Phil Rizzuto or a promo for an Abbott and Costello movie.

10) Warner Archive Instant: Still lacking in streaming content, but it is showing some signs of life by offering regular blogg-ish content promoting its website. That and the fact they put together a "Debbie Reynolds Collection" enough to sneak into the top 10 in a slow week.

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