Sunday, July 2, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings #66 (Special "Get Your Kicks on It, Sunsjine" Edition)

1) Netflix: I was really upset with Netflix for being all glitchy until I realized that, uh, the HDMI cable in my Roku was loose. It was a subpar week for Netflix adds, and the July 1 adds are not exciting at all, but a bunch of 2016-2017 CBS seasons are now there, and I really liked episode 1 of Glow, so, hey, there you go. Maybe Gypsy with Naomi Watts will be good, too.

Plus Netflix now offers Dolby Atmos, as on Okja. I have no idea what Dolby Atmos is, but it sounds impressive!

2) MLB TV: I watched a lot of baseball this week, and I am not going to penalize this great service for that umpire missing a call in the ninth inning and screwing the Pirates out of a game the other day.

3) Warner Archive Instant: The Courtship of Eddie's Father is a gentle sitcom. Often, gentle means lame, but there's something about ol' Bill Bixby that makes the show kind of work. I just hope that eventually they get rid of the overbearing Nilsson music that seems to intrude on every single scene.

Hey, you know what isn't gentle? Jack Lord's performance in his season 3 Klidare guest shot. Dude is intense.

4) Shout! Factory TV: A slew of Rifftrax additions makes July an interesting time after a lackluster couple of months. I must say, that while it's all "good" and everything, hearing Dr. Ruth giving sex advice to senior citizens on her old Lifetime show may be enough to make me go celibate.

5) Pub-D-Hub: I complained about the lack of commercials in a recent update, and last weekend, the Pub added like 5 big, honking BLOCKS of vintage ads. Coincidence? Perhaps, but just in case, I am gonna make sure to give them props. Hey, thanks for the new episode of Boston Blackie and the newscast footage this weekend, if you're reading.

6) Pizza Flix: I know nothing about 1944's Dangerous Passage with Robert Lowery and Phyllis Brooks (no relation), but the same screenwriter did Out of the Past. More importantly, the poster art makes it look really cool!

Also, I somehow want to see Breaking the Ice with Bobby Breen despite or because of this summary: "A boy leaves home to Philadelphia and sings at an ice rink to raise money for his widowed mother." I hope the Philadelphia crowd boos him.

7) My Retro Flix: Nabinga (1944) with Buster Crabbe may be (OK, probably is) terrible, but I feel I have to give credit to this free channel for adding it.

8) YouTube: Would be higher if I had more time to watch it this week. Also...

9) DailyMotion: ...just saying, there is an alternative sometimes when cool content gets pulled by the zealous watchbots at YT. This came in handy more than once recently for yours truly.

10) Hulu:  There is too much on Hulu to fall out of the top 10 anytime soon, and it did add/re-add some movies, like the old Star Trek films, but Bing Rewards dropped the free month deal from its incentive program. I blame Hulu! Booooooo!