Saturday, July 15, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week #68 (Special "You know, Summer gets pretty hot" edition)

It's not the heat but the humidity that is gonna keep this post relatively brief.

1) Netflix: Trailing only HBO in total Emmy nominations, Netflix has to be feeling pretty good about itself. Otherwise, a very quiet week content-wise, though Friends from College  might be a big hit.

2) Hulu: Big week for Hulu with Emmy noms for A Handmaid's Tale, plus adding American Dad, Bob's Burgers, and Futurama.

3) Warner Archive Instant: Don Johnson on an old Eight Is Enough was enough to make WAI shoot up the charts.

4) YouTube: The latest "Why are the kids so obsessed with this?" on YT=compilations of clips (I didn't know, either).

5) Amazon Prime: Added the second season of Mr. Robot, which I would really like to see. I don't think Prime Day had much if any impact on prime Video, though it may have earned a bunch of new sucker--er, subscribers.

Also, props for adding audio description to Prime Video.

6) Shout! Factory TV: I went back to Dick Cavett Land this week and enjoyed his trying to show George Carlin how witty he was. It was a nice change of pace from all that Dr. Ruth I had been watching, I'll  tell you that.

7) TuneIn: I heard two Stones songs on the radio this week,"Gimme Shelter" and "She's a Rainbow." Guess which one I heard on Deep Oldies.

8) Starz: I don't give Starz a lot of love on here, but they made a big announcement that they are beefing up their library, focusing on kids and Spanish programming. Sure, it could be an empty promise, but they have specific catalog titles they are adding. So, even though I don't know anything about Black Sails or Outlander, bravo, Starz.

9) MLB.TV: Pirates are heating up, baby!

10) Pub-D-Hub: I don't like to reward streaming outlets for NOT updating, but I like that the Hub said, "No update for this week." It's not great news, but at least they don't leave me hanging.

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