Saturday, November 4, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week #85

1) PlayStation Vue: Not really a channel, but I salute it as I let my 30-day subscription expire. I am both intrigued and irritated by the fact that literal minutes after I canceled my sub, I discovered the Roku version of the service had added a much better user interface, including a program guide. I hope to put together a post about Vue in the near future, but this week it gets the #1 spot because most of my non-baseball watching consisted of me trying to see as much of my cloud DVR recordings as I could before the end of the week.

2) YouTube: Advertising the heck out itself during the World Series is notable, but YouTube TV really should grow up and get itself on Roku. In other YT action this week, I was able to expose a friend to the wonder of "No Way Out" by Robert Tepper thanld to the magic of Vevo on YouTube. I am a little ashamed of myself for not being able to describe the entire video from memory, but some good was achieved.

3) Hulu: Hulu gets way more movies and TV shows each month, no doubt about it (Seriously, don't doubt it, and especially don't get any actual numbers on this that might prove otherwise). But how is it Hulu somehow premieres 15 James Bond movies every month? Are there, like, 200 of them?

4) Pub-D-Hub: Nothing new this week, but that original Batman serial is a 100% certified howl. Each time Batman opens his mouth, I laugh. Let's just say it's clear Christian Bale did not base his own interpretation of the Dark Knight on this version.

5) Netflix: On the one hand, Netflix took swift action (yeah, it took a few days, but considering it's arguably the flagship show, that's pretty swift) to boot that slimeball Kevin Spacey from House of Cards. On the other hand, it's still the flagship series being tainted by at best a scandal and at worst a pattern of criminal behavior from its star.

It seems trivial to talk about how skimpy the November catalog dump was, but I'm mentioning it anyway. This is where Netflix is heading. It wants you to focus on the new miniseries adapting Margaret Atwood's Alias Grace and maybe be pleasantly surprised that a few notable films like Men in Black and Field of Dreams show  up.

6) Tune In: I heard In the Midnight Hour by Wilson Pickett on here the other day and thought (as I do with many other songs), it ain't a deep oldie, but what kind of fool would complain about hearing this song anywhere ever?

7) TubiTV: I watched Youngblood, a 1978 "urban" coming-of-age movie starring Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs and released by the great American International Pictures. For some reason, I was crushed that the character "Youngblood" wasn't played by Hilton-Jacobs, even though he did have a prominent role. I don't think I ever really recovered from the disappointment caused by that revelation.

8) Days of Dumont: I like giving this channel a shout-out whenever it does something, and it spotlighted a Flash Gordon episode called "Witch of Neptune" for Halloween.

9) Nosey: I haven't seen it yet, but they added a troubled teens episode of Sally, so that is worth another week in the top 10.

10) Acorn TV: Guess which SVOD service is gonna get me for another month? Yep, SHOWTIME so I can binge on Ray Donovan, baby!

No, it's Acorn so I can watch Doc Martin. So get ready for Acorn being in the rankings for several weeks, plus frequent laments that it still hasn't brought back Drop the Dead Donkey.

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