Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My apologies to high-class escorts everywhere

I just deleted a "comment" from my most recent "In theaters this weekend post," and, no, it wasn't a diatribe from someone angered by my dismissal of the "Arthur" remake. It was a bit of spam promoting some "high-class escort service" apparently based in London. You see, the escorts are the best in London, according to the message.

I repeat, according to the message. As Jim Ross frequently said to Jerry Lawler when Jer was drooling over some scantily clad diva during the WWF Attitude era, "I'm a happily married man, King!"

I apologize to any readers who may have benefited from that information, but I just had a funny feeling that maybe that comment wasn't on the up and up.

I apologize to myself for the fleeting but not insignificant feeling of pride I experienced noticing that I was spammed by a "high-class" escort service.

You know, using the term "high-class escort" several times in this post, including in the title, may not be the best way to ward off similar spam in the comments, but I believe in being transparent to my loyal readers.


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