Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Budget DVD Theater: She Gods of Shark Reef

I was in the mood to dig into one of my "economy" multi-movie DVD packs the other day, and somehow I randomly selected "She Gods of Shark Reef" from the Sci-Fi Classics 100 pack. "It could be a lot of fun," I figured, "and even if it isn't, it's been a while since I've done a Budget DVD Theater, so maybe I can get a good post out of it."

Well, I think I'm gonna be batting 0 for 2 here, folks.

"She Gods" is not one of Roger Corman's better efforts, nor one of his more entertaining ones. It's never a good sign when, while watching a movie, you ponder why it hasn't been done as a "Mystery Science Theater 3000" episode. I don't mean that as in, "Hey, this would have made a stellar MST3K." I mean I during this film, I was actually compiling an informal list of reasons why they didn't use this movie. Chief among them in my account is the interminable rowing. Over and over again, basic shots of people rowing. Not dynamic rowing, just rowing. Row, row your boat...On and on and on...Yeah, that would have been good for a few good lines from Joel/Mike and the gang, but after that, it probably would have just gotten old.

Instead of giving you a summary of the plot, how about a warning: This isn't so bad it's good. If you do watch it, do so with a friend so you can fill in the dull spots with a running wise-ass commentary. The source material may not be ripe enough for MST3K, but it might be enough for you to give yourself a few yuks sitting on the couch.

I tried, but I really don't have a lot more to say about this one. How about I just wrap it up here and strive to do better next time?

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