Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall TV Warning Part 6

I know what you're thinking. You're thinking at this rate, it will be SPRING before I finish my Fall TV Warning series. Well, I went ahead and WROTE it. So you might as well stop thinking it. Yes, the season is underway, but if just one person is waiting for my tale on "Back in the Game," this will all be worth it.

Back in the Game: Aw, jeez, I just put the pressure on myself. I don't have much to say about this ABC sitcom about a softball player who is trying to raise a family and put up with her dad. Jimmy Caan is Grandpa, and it's clear he's supposed to be providing the laughs in this by being outrageous, gruff but lovable, just plain old, etc. I'd rather see him going around breaking kneecaps. And, hey, I saw you in the preview, too, Ben Koldyke. Don't think I forgot that you were in "Work It." Folks, if you forgot, please don't look it up.

Sean Saves the World: Sean Hayes plays a divorcee trying to raise his daughter. Linda Lavin plays Jessica Walter. This series has a throwback feel reminiscent of the old Thursday night NBC lineup. Unfortunately, it's the lesser shows it feels like, stuff like Veronica's Closet and Suddenly Susan, subpar sitcoms built around personalities who couldn't really sustain an entire sitcom.

We Are Men: I swear every other year, there comes to network television a new series with the sole apparent purpose of giving Jerry O'Connell an excuse to wear a Speedo. He's in great shape now. We get it. Otherwise, little stands out in this comedy about a generic jilted guy who moves to a condo complex with a group of wacky swinging singles led by Tony Shalhoub. It looks like Shalhoub is having fun, but, yeah, I don't think so. And, hey, Kal Penn is here, too, helping the memory of his stint in the White House become ever dimmer.

Super Fun Night: The premise sounds OK--socially awkward friends decide to cut loose--but the preview was all about Rebel Wilson being humiliated and somehow managing to be stripped to her underwear. I'm sure her performance will be called "fearless," but who does she think she is, Jerry O'Connell?

Betrayal: Why did this preview annoy me so much? I don't know, it's supposed to be a twisty, sudsy (I guess) drama, but all I got out of it was that we were supposed to feel sorry for the two leads because, gosh darn it, why does it have to be so HARD to commit adultery? I got a kick out of seeing James Cromwell being all crotchety, though.

The Crazy Ones: Robin Williams, "I'm back!" at the beginning of the trailer, with that trademark impishness, says it all. I was surprised, though, that in the sneak peek, it was more about Sarah Michelle Gellar, who plays the daughter and colleague of Robin's ad man, making an ass of HERself. David E. Kelley is somehow involved, for better or worse, though it seemed like CBS wasn't going out of its way to promote that. Really, shouldn't this be a bigger deal? Robin Williams coming back to TV is news, or at least I thought it was, but this didn't seem to get a lot of hype.

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