Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I really respect this book for existing

While catching up on some magazines, I saw an ad (why does everyone say "stumbled upon"? I remained upright the whole time, I assure you) for BearManor Media. The page displayed an array of titles the publisher offered.

Now, I do not in any way intend to demean the good folks there, the people that wrote this book, nor those who might buy this book. I love that BearManor is committed to putting out so many pop culture books every year, including quite a few that, even to us junkies, appear somewhat...esoteric.

So in all sincerity, let me say how much I appreciate that there even IS "Hardcastle and McCormick: A Complete Viewer's Guide to the Classic Eighties Action Series."

So if you're at all interested, go buy it, and if you're not, you still have to love a company that publishes it, so go to their website, anyway.


policomic said...

This gives me hope that I will find a publisher for my Tequila and Bonetti book.

Rick Brooks said...

I may hold you to that when I finally get Cultureshark Press off the ground.