Monday, October 28, 2013

YOU Make the Call!

What would you do, sports fans, if this happened to ypu?

You go to the library and stumble upon the recent TCM Spotlight set of 4 Charlie Chan movies. Delighted, you borrow one for a week. Less than two days later, you note that Warner Archive Instant just added those same 4 movies to its On Demand lineup.

Do you:

1) Watch the movie on DVD since, hey, you already have it sitting there by the TV

2) Watch the movie on Warner Archive Instant since, hey, you're paying for that

3) Watch the movie on DVD AND on streaming to somehow "justify" the library transaction AND get value out of the streaming service

4) Shake your fist at the heavens, yell, "O cruel movie Gods," and refuse to watch the movie at all

5) Sit down and watch an episode of "Love That Bob" for no apparent reason

6) Go to the library and demand your money back, then write an angry letter to the local paper complaining about misuse of taxpayer dollars

7) Write a blog post soliciting advice

Fans, this is your chance to make the call!


Anonymous said...

I'd go with LOVE THAT BOB ... one of my favorite classic TV series.

Rick Brooks said...

I really wish that one had been picked up by one of the oldies-centric digital subchannels, but I fear if it hasn't happened by now, it isn't going to happen. Has "Love that Bob" even been syndicated anywhere since its CBN/Family Channel run in the 80s?

Ames said...

Wait, since when does the library charge for borrowing stuff? Or are only reading materials free?

Rick Brooks said...

No, the library doesn't charge. It's the Warner Instant service, which has the same movie I borrowed from the liberry, that I pay for