Sunday, October 27, 2013

Over at ClassicFlix...

Just in tine for Halloween, my latest "TV Time" column is up at ClassicFlix, and it looks at the scary side of growing up on classic television.

TV Time: The Scary Side of Growing Up with Classic TV 
10/25/2013 | by Rick Brooks 
I had a great relationship with television when I was growing up. It amused me, thrilled me, and at times maybe even baby-sat me. But there were times when the images and sounds on that little set flat-out scared me. This month I ‘fess up to some of the classic television elements that spooked me when I was younger.

Oh, and by the way, the beta version has now become the official new and improved version, so update your bookmarks and links to delete that "beta" part from the URL. is where it's at, baby!

Of course, you have been keeping up with things over there? Right? If not, in addition to my pieces, you missed a great primer on classic movie comedy teams , a profile of noir standout Coleen Gray, and a review of the notorious Warner Brothers pre-code Wonder Bar.

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