Thursday, March 27, 2014

This Week (and Last Week) in DVD and Instant Watching

Or should it be Last Week (and This Week)? I think you guys are smart enough to adjust. Sorry for the weeklong absence on the blog. I've been busy with my day job of bounty hunting in the Florida Keys. There should be a lot of content over the next few weeks, though.

There SHOULD be.

Anyway, we have two weeks worth of DVDs to cover:

Frozen: I didn't see this in theaters, but between listening to the songs a hundred times, seeing clips from the movie over and over, and hearing my own kids talk about it, I kind of feel like I had. Well, now that the DVD is out, I HAVE seen this, and I will write more about it soon.

American Hustle: Gee, no wonder I skipped last week--only a few Academy Award nominees, no biggie. Amy Adams alone makes this worth seeing, I'm sure, and you're gonna tell me it also has male perms? I'm there, dude! This looks to me like one of those movies like Boogie Nights where it's not exactly supposed to be a flat-out comedy but is funny as hell anyway. And if the cast lines up over the end credits and actually dances The Hustle, please don't spoil it for me.

Saving Mr. Banks: How did we get to the point where it was cool to spread scurrilous stories about Walt Disney being a chauvinist? I miss the good, old days when it was cool to spread scurrilous stories about Walt Disney being a Nazi.

Reasonable Doubt: Laurence Fishburne stars with Dominic Cooper in this thriller about--oops, wait, it was Samuel Jackson starring with Dominic Cooper. Sorry.

Classic Wrestling Battles: 2-disc set from Shout/Timeless consisting of mostly really old pro wrestling footage. It looks like a good buy for fans of the vintage stuff if you can get it for a good price. I don't know, maybe you can find it all online for free, but as a public service, here is the only detailed match listing I could find. Not even Shout!'s official site has this information. Why the heck not?

WWE: The Music of WWE: I'd elaborate, but I probably tested most folks' patience with that paragraph about "Classic Wrestling Battles."

This week brings:

Wolf of Wall Street: I made my peace with DiCaprio years ago, but is it too much ask that Marty Scorcese make a new "F-bomb movie"  (one in which you hear it at least a few dozen or hundred times) with someone else?

Walking with Dinosaurs: I see this title and I go right into the past. No, not the age of the dinosaurs, I mean the recent past, because I could have sworn this came out, like, 5 years ago. Is there something wrong with me?

Delivery Man: After donating to a fertility clinic, Vince Vaughn discovers years later he has 533 children. Somehow the thought of Vince Vaughn having sex 533 times, even if it's with himself, makes me want to avoid this movie at all costs.

Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher: I find Marvel Animation features dull to begin with, and this is in that anime style, so...I'd rather catch up on a DC joint.

Veep Season 2: It may sound off, but I mean it as high praise when I say Julia Louis Dreyfus is as funny on this as Kevin Spacey is on "House of Cards."

William and Mary Complete Collection: Charming dramedy with Martin Clunes and...uh, someone else. But I know who Martin Clunes is, and he's great!

And Warner Archive releases 5 Richard Dix movies, a welcome dose of old-school, as well as a Blu-Ray of Nicholas Roeg's Performance. Last week brought the animated Green Lantern series, which didn't grab me at first, but the guys on the Warner Archive Podcast were so enthusiastic about it, I kind of want to give it another shot. Also coming last week: Tim Holt Western Classics Volume 4, several years after Volume 3. That's an indication of how seriously Warners takes this stuff: They didn't hold back to torture fans, but they were doing restoration, and good for them for putting the effort into a series of B-pictures.

Check back tomorrow or Saturday for a look at the last week or two in streaming.

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