Saturday, March 29, 2014

This Week (and Last Week) in DVD and Instant Watching part 2: The streaming

OK, thanks for joining us the other day for the DVD roundup. Now let's see what is new on the various streaming services.

Hulu added a few interesting older series. I don't get excited about adding new episodes of something like Surviving Jack because my attitude is that they SHOULD be adding those. Right? However, I see 8 episodes of Peter Graves' old horse show Fury. Ooh, 8 episodes! Can you spare it, Hulu?

"Hey, why should we bother putting up more than 8 episodes of that thing? It's OLD! And besides, even some nut who watches old shows could see one a week and go for TWO MONTHS without repeating anything!"

More compelling is season 1 of the original Route 66. Now, THIS is a pleasant (and unheralded) surprise addition to the site. I haven't had a chance to see any, but they all run about 51 minutes, so I am assuming they are uncut episodes. Who knows, maybe by 2023 they'll add a few more seasons!

Netflix added some really intriguing new titles and some titles that are I mean, yeah, Big Wedding was in theaters last year, but does that make it inherently worth seeing? Folks might be curious to see Jobs, but most of America really wants to see more info about Ashton and Mila. Is she pregnant? Come on, guys, give us the scoop!

If you missed Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark a few months ago on DVD, now's your chance to see it for "free." Harrison Ford has a supporting role in Paranoia, a poorly received tech thriller.

Kathleen Hanna is profiled in The Punk Singer, and Oscar winning doc 20 Feet from Stardom, about backup singers, comes to Instant Watching just as I hoped it would. Too bad my hoping for stuff never works on Hulu, huh?

Maybe the best recent theatrical to hit Netflix this month is Mud. Star Matthew McConaughey won an Academy Award for 'Dallas Buyers Club," of course, but many thought he really could have won for..."True Detective." It was _that_damn_good. But "Mud" is supposed to be good, too.

I have a lot to say about Warner Archive Instant, but it's so much I'm going to save it for Part 3 tomorrow. Yes, an unprecedented TRILOGY this week! Check it out tomorrow morning.

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