Friday, July 8, 2016

Streaming Video Power Rankings: Week 15

1) Netflix: Most of the good news and buzz seems to be with Netflix this week. They even made a deal with Concast--I mean Comcast--that should benefit--who am I kidding, it'll benefit them, first and foremost, but maybe it helps consumers for a little while, too. Plus "The Big Short" debuted and the CW streaming deal was officially announced.

2) Shout Factory TV:  They deserve another week at #2. They have quietly assembled a great selection of good-quality MST3K episodes, including shorts, some of which I enjoyed this week.

3) YouTube: The good news is, my kids were able to show me the new Meghan Trainor video quickly and easily. The bad news is,  my kids were able to show me the new Meghan Trainor video quickly and easily.

4) Pub-D-Hub: They included several July-4-themed offerings in this week's update, which was a great touch. Why doesn't Warner Instant do that?

5) Warner Archive Instant: A rare glitch-free week, and they uploaded another few dozen movies, which sounds great, but I think it's all recycled content and nothing new to the service.

6) Hulu: Slow week for Hulu, and I saw a lot of comments from disappointed CW fans thinking of canceling their Plus memberships.

7) Amazon Prime: Snagged rights to a bunch of  PBS Kids programs and some vague package of "classic Warner Brothers movies" which appears to go back to the late 1970s without any surprises. Still, it's something.

8) SeeSo: I'm intrigued by new standup series "Night Train with Wyatt Cenec," but I will probably be dropping this one when my free trial expires next week.

9) MLB.TV: Because as I write this, I'm watching the Pirates play the Cubs for free. I'm easy like that.

10) WWE Network: Got a lot of praise for a preview special of its upcoming Cruiserweight Classic series, but basically stopped uploading new stuff this week. Might tempt me to get a month if it shows signs of adding some more vintage material.

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