Saturday, July 2, 2016

Shameless Self-Promotion: TV--Uh, I mean, a REVIEW at ClassicFlix!

Please head on over to the good folks at ClassicFlix and check out my look at "It Happened in Flatbush," an entertaining movie combining baseball, Brooklyn, and Bub (the great William Frawley in a supporting role). Lloyd Nolan is top notch as always, and this is an underrated Fox picture that doesn't get mentioned in baseball movie lists (and stay tuned because I should have one of those coming to ClassicFlix as well).

Here's a sneak peek:

It Happened in Flatbush (Fox Cinema Archives) It Happened in Flatbush (Fox Cinema Archives)
By Rick Brooks
I'm a pushover for old movies that romanticize baseball, and It Happened to Flatbush certainly does that. However, this 1942 Fox film is not as much a love letter to the national pastime as much as it is one to Brooklyn. After credits roll over a shot of the Brooklyn Bridge, the whimsical opening titles inform us that the following fictional story occurs "on a strange island just off the eastern coast of the United States"...

Enjoy, and don't you dare miss it! Tell 'em Cultureshark sent ya!

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