Wednesday, July 13, 2016

On the Radio: Everybody's...something for the weekend

On the Friday before Independence Day, I was listening to the radio when I caught a "Big Riff of the Day" contest on a local classic rock station. The DJ played a snippet of Eric Clapton's "Cocaine," and the idea was listeners would call in to identify the song. It's a fun little contest.

What struck me was her comment after playing the brief clip. "I know it's an easy one," she said, "especially with everyone's mind on the weekend." Now, I THINK she meant she was giving everyone an easy song because everybody was distracted by it being Friday before a big holiday. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the idea.

But my first thought was, "Is she saying this particular song is easy because everyone is already gearing up to do some cocaine this weekend?" Like, "Yeah, it's a 3-day weekend! USA! Cocaine bender!"

I don't think that was the meaning. I'm not sure, though.

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