Friday, December 30, 2016

Cultureshark Remembers: Year-End Edition Part IV

Here's our final look at the notable deaths of 2016, with a recommendation or embedded video of something to check out from each individual. Note that we will have our SVOD power rankings tomorrow, and then we will see you in 2017!



Tammy Grimes:


Fritz Weaver: Twilight Zone, "Third from the Sun" A nice take on the paranoia of the times, and yeah, a twist ending! I could also pick the Mission Impossible episode I chose for Steven Hill because it starred Weaver as well.

Grant Tinker: This blog post by Ken Levine

Robert Vaughn: I am far from a Man from U.N.C.L.E. expert, but how about his performances on Columbo, particularly Season 4's "Troubled Waters." (Alternate: His spotlighted episodes on The Lieutenant, or as Ivan and I like to call it, The Marriage Counselor.


Craig Sager:

This CNN studio clip from 1987 isn't representative of how he will best be remembered, but I think of Sager not even as a TNT guy, but a TBS guy back when the Superstation was a novelty in the 1980s.

Za Zsa Gabor:

Alan Thicke: Any Fernwood Tonight Forget Growing Pains, behind the scenes, Thicke was one of the driving creative forces behind this way-ahead-of-its-time talk show  parody.

Greg Lake: "I Believe in Father Christmas" Because we don't have to stop talking about Christmas as soon as December 26 arrives.

Florence Henderson: The Brady Bunch, "The Voice of Christmas" See above entry. This episode shows Carol Brady in her glory, almost more an ingĂ©nue than the corny mom she became on the show. Plus she shows off her singing chops at the end of the episode if that's your thing.

George Michael:

Carrie Fisher: I recommend the SNL she hosted in the fourth season, which is easily found on Hulu. It has one of the silliest sketches--the beach party movie--that is still compelling for some reason.

Debbie Reynolds: I love Singin' in the Rain, but just for variety, let me mention a movie with my boy Dick Powell: one with a vaguely disturbing premise:

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