Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Instant Gratification Theater: Prime Time! Prime Time!

As I mentioned in this weekend's SVOD power rankings, I signed up for a month of Amazon Prime, and that includes Prime Video. Will I catch up on the critically lauded Transparent? The ambitious Mozart in the Jungle? The buzzy (well, at least it actually premiered) Crisis in Six Scenes?

Or maybe prestigious Amazon Prime licensed exclusives like The Americans or Justified?

Nahhhhhhh. At least, not yet.

No, right now I am exploring the goofy crap that appears on Amazon Prime Video. Here are some examples of things I saw on Prime Video this past week:

*The original cast of Real People doing a segment in which they read accounts of TV bloopers, one at a time, off cue cards into the camera.

*Eric Embry wrestling Cactus Jack to get to his evil manager, General Skandor Akbar.

*"Sentimental Journey," an odd 1976 short film starring Jimmy Stewart as an airline pilot

*A series of bloopers with Henry Winkler trying to remain in character and get his dialogue right at the Cunninghams' dinner table.

*Chaka Khan performing "I'm Every Woman" on The New Soupy Sales Show

*Willie Stargell "interviewing" Terry Bradshaw on an old episode of Greatest Sports Legends

*A 1979 episode of early cable TV effort The Nikki Haskell Show, featuring an interview with the guy who was just elected President of the United States of America and his then wife (unrecognizable here!)

That award-winning stuff can wait.

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