Saturday, June 3, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 62 (Special "Better late than never" edition)

1) Netflix: The first-of-the-month catalog drop is officially not a big deal anymore, I think, although it's nice to know I can now stream the first half of Full Metal Jacket whenever I feel like it. Yet it's still a big week for Netflix with Dr. Strange, House of Cards, F Is for Family, and quick-as-a-Flash premieres of recent CW seasons. Notice I haven't ranked CW lately? Well, I waited for episodes to show up here so I could see them without 25 minutes of repetitive ads. Oh, and there's Flaked  Season 2 because for some reason Will Arnett is the face of Netflix (if something happens to Kevin Spacey).

2) Hulu: I'm not interested in the story of Big Brother magazine, but it's cool that Hulu is cranking out these pop culture documentaries. Also, the June 1 catalog drop of movies had some good albeit recycled titles.

3) Warner Archive Instant: I continue to find astonishment at the prickishness of Dick Van Patten's Tom Bradford on Eight Is Enough, though Grant Goodeve's David gives me the biggest kick for some reason.  I also got back into Cain's Hundred this week. Hey, WAI, how about Mr. Novak if you want some annual subscriptions/

4) Days of Dumont: Yeah, baby! New Follow That Man and Captain Video among  others. I should take a day off work next week and just watch old Dumont shows. Really.

5) Museum of Classic Chicago Television: Big ups to this new Roku channel. I knew it would be cool because this outfit has a YouTube channel offering the same content: Vintage local commercials, promos and IDs. It looks like they will update this regularly!

6) PIX11: I wish the archives would be updated regularly--they post content often on their Facebook page, after all--but they get credit this week for adding a complete newscast from 1980.

7) Pub-D-Hub: Much love for any weekly update that includes an episode of The Eve Arden Show.

8) TuneIn: This week in "Hey, hadn't heard that in ages" Theatre: The Artistics, "I'm Gonna Miss You."

9) Shout! Factory TV: This week in "Awkward Dick Cavett interviews with comedians" Theatre: Cavett one on one with a post-talk show (the first one) Dennis Miller. Let's see what you got for us for June, though, Shout!

10) MLB.TV: Something like Crackle should really step up, especially with the way the Pirates are playing this year.

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