Saturday, June 24, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week #65 (Special "Wait, can I retire now, or do I have to work till I'm 80?" edition)

1) Netflix: Despite a rare glitch (at least for me) earlier this week, Netflix done good. It debuted Moana and the GLOW series. I was never a fan of that particular brand of wrestling, but you combine Alison Brie with pro wrestling, and I am gonna give it a shot.

2) Hulu: After catching up on Gotham, I saw The Brady Bunch Movie before it expired at the end of the month. It's amusing, but I remember being surprised by it and enjoying it so much when it appeared in theaters. That moment will never return, I suppose. SIGH. Thanks for making me all SAD, Hulu!

Also, the Disney 1999 Tarzan is now on Hulu, which makes me wonder yet again what the deal is with that Netflix/Disney deal that was supposed to give us all that good catalog stuff.

3) PIX 11: I am enjoying the recent diversity in the archive offerings. It must be Jeffrey Lyons month, as they posted a retrospective on John Wayne he hosted, plus his original reviews of The Blue Lagoon and The Blues Brothers.

4) MLB TV: I was just remarking how amazing it was that on a given weekday, I could watch any baseball game being played if I wanted to, and how not so long ago I wouldn't even have the option.  I still complained about the Pirates losing, mind you, but it was nice to relax and see it happen.

5) YouTube: Just when I despair that all the good stuff is yanked from YouTube, I find a dozen other things I didn't even know were there. I still have to ask, hey, Don Henley, why don't you let someone post the video for "Not Enough Love in the World"?

6) Shout! Factory TV: It added a few horror movies to fill out a paltry June update, but no matter because I am still enjoying the afterglow of that Dr. Ruth/Burt Reynolds show I mentioned last week.

7) Pub-D-Hub: I really miss the old commercials when a week's update doesn't have them, but there is plenty of other stuff to watch--most of it old, cheap, and maybe slightly bizarre.

8) HBO: I no longer have HBO, so I know again what it is like to miss it. Farewell, this season of Veep. SIGH. Hey, these rankings are not supposed to bring me down so much.

9) TuneIn: Hey, eighties station, didn't Cliff Richard have more than one song? And on a related note, the joy of discovering a rare song dissipates when you play it again at the same time the next day.

10) The CW: Well, I had to go here to see the Supergirl season finale, so on one hand, good for CW's streaming channel for existing. On the other hand,

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