Wednesday, June 21, 2017

TV Promo Theatre #3: Teenage America: The Glory Years

In this series, we've looked at ABC and NBC, so I thought I'd give some love to CBS. I believe this 1986 promo is voiced by longtime Tiffany Network voice man Mark Elliott:

But let's talk about the special itself, which aired in 1986.   It actually looks kind of annoying.  Isn't it kind of quaint, though? Can you picture a broadcast network doing something like this today? Maybe we'd get Millennial Mayhem or something, but a show about the rise of the teenager in American culture?

Of course, the success of Back to the Future surely helped inspire this. I do not remember this one at all. I certainly don't remember John Ritter dressed as "Wild One" Marlon Brando:

Talk about an idiosyncratic choice to host!

OK, I talked myself into it: I want to see this now.

Special thanks to the great Sean Mc for uploading this.

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