Monday, December 4, 2017

'Mooners Monday #36: Potpourri

Just a few items this week:

ITEM: I have heard very little about the Time Life Jackie Gleason Show DVD collection lately, and I never did run into that half-hour infomercial. I am starting to think terrible things will happen to me in another life, if not this one, for making an open declaration that I wanted to see an infomercial.

I don't have a great feeling about how this set is selling, but I sure hope I'm wrong. I mean, sure, I didn't buy it, but the rest of you lot, please go ahead and buy a bunch of copies so that maybe we can get the black-and-white episodes. Thanks!

ITEM: WPIX New York continues to show love to The Honeymooners, with a recent Thanksgiving mini-marathon. It also confirmed it will be running its annual New Year's Eve marathon. As one of the many, many individuals who grew up watching the show on WPIX, I'm glad to see that the channel will never give up on the show.

ITEM: Amazon Prime has the Lost Episodes, divided into 4 "seasons" for member viewing. This is a recent development, and at first I thought it was an assortment of episodes, but it looks like it is pretty much the entire MPI box set on there. Of course this is one of the best things on Prime Video, which has an apparent streaming agreement with MPI that makes oddities like Phyllis Diller: Not Just Another Pretty Face available.

ITEM: Finally, some kind (as opposed to poor) soul uploaded one of the Art Carney Special episodes to YouTube--an even better deal than Amazon Prime, being free and all.

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