Saturday, December 30, 2017

Streaming Video Power Rankings Week 93

Welcome to...the end of 2017. 2018 is next week. I am already making resolutions, though. I resolve to not title a post "Straming" Video Power Rankings like I did last week.

1) PIX11: I have a simple rule here: You add 5 vintage clips related to The Honeymooners, you get strong consideration in the rankings. And WPIX isn't streaming its NY Eve 'Mooners marathon, but it is having one, and that's more than I can say for 99% of the country.

2) Netflix: I get a kick out of the fake-out countdown clips Netflix makes for parents to trick tykes who want to stay up to see 2018. Maybe they can make videos that try to trick us into not noticing our rates are going up soon. Wait. Maybe they are...

Black Mirror and Bill Nye are getting the headlines this week, but I am still enjoying playing catch-up on some of the other originals. Also, it's great to catch The Dick Van Dyke Show on here to pay tribute to Rose Marie (though we should all own the excellent DVD set).

3) Hulu: I really want to see Gilbert, which premieres this weekend, and I think Hulu had an outstanding 2017 overall. People are really starting to pay attention. But I have to say that in my household, it's still all about Teen Titans Go! when the kids are over. How many episodes of that show are there? Oh, and The Thundermans is big right now

4) Boomerang: Friends, I am on board for several more months thanks to a super-cheap deal. I enjoyed the Christmas specials on there, but I am hoping Boomerang kicks it up a notch because this is a nice add-on service, but I don't think it's worth 4/99 a month until it adds more rarities...or just more, period.

5) YouTube: Seriously considering ringing in the new year with the 1970s New Year's Rockin' Eve that was uploaded this week. I don't care if it is 40 years old; I don't want Ryan Seacrest to be the first person I see on my TV in 2018.

Also, I give credit to Rassle Reel for uploading several episodes of All-American Wrestling from 1984. I don't see as much of that on YT as other old WWF shows.

6) The CW: Crisis on Planet X  is pretty cool.

7) Amazon Prime: I saw my usual hodgepodge of goofy junk on here this week, and it sure isn't Amazon's fault I wasted 21 minutes of my life with an episode of !st and 10 (the syndicated "clean" version, no less). I am looking forward to wrapping up Red Oak this week.

8) Nosey: I was all set to lambaste them for editing out the Conway Twitty segments on a Joan Rivers Show, but then they added a new batch of Sally, including--yes!--more troubled teens. Could Sgt. Julu finally make his Nosey debut?

9) PBS: Here for one reason and one reason only: I wannatellya I plan to watch that American Masters Bob Hope special. It won't be up for free for very long, I'm sure, but it's up there.

10) Slacker: A final holiday shout-out to what became my go-to for streaming holiday music this year. Yes, I heard the Mariah Carey song at least 3 or 4 times.

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