Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Behind the Rankings: A gem on YouTube

YouTube is at #2 on the weekly power rankings in no small part because of this gem posted by the great folks behind FuzzyMemoriesTV, now known as The Museum of Classic Chicago Television:

This is an original airing of a rebroadcast (got that?) of Tomorrow with Tom Snyder. This airing is June 18, 1976, and Snyder provides new intros and outros. The theme is "Monsters in the Movies," and Tom chats with Peter Cushing, Forrest Ackerman, and professor/horror historian Leonard Wolf.


This broadcast has all the original commercials. The clip gets off to a good start with this (the ad is cut off, but we see enough to get the gist, I think):

Then look who shows up in an ad for a Chicago job-finding dealy: William H. Macy!

The whole hour is a treat, and Snyder is a fine moderator. The panel talks about the major movie monsters and their histories and enduring appeal. They get into some weird territory at one point, discussing the possibility of an x-rated horror film, and stick around to the end for Snyder's rundown of what is coming up next week on the program!

My favorite moment is a stone-cold-serious Snyder asking, "Were there vampires? People who would suck the blood out of other people?"

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