Thursday, June 18, 2009

What to see, what to see?

Next week, to commemorate a special occasion, Mrs. Shark and I may venture out for a rare night on the town (more likely a day on the town), and partake in an even rarer visit to a local nickelodeon, or whatever they now call the bijou where they show those moving pictures.

I haven't been to an honest-to-goodness movie theater since the birth of my wonderful daughter, and I've even avoided the temptation to patronize some of those dishonest movie theaters in the red light district 10 miles from Cultureshark Tower. So I don't take this decision lightly: What should I go see?

Transformers 2 won't be out till after we go, but since I haven't gotten around to seeing the first one yet, despite having multiple opportunities to do so, I doubt that I will run out to watch the sequel, even if it's the "Godfather II" of blockbuster toy adaptations.

Star Trek is a possibility if it's still around, but the initial buzz seems to have faded, and I don't feel a NEED to see this one now. Plus I'm not sure it'll still be playing with all the screens devoted to the other crap out right now.

And speaking of crap out right now...

I don't want to even discuss Angels and Demons because my wife might actually want to go see it. Land of the Lost? No way. I have no interest in Terminator: Salvation. The last movie and the TV series took care of that.

The Hangover might be amusing, but if you only see one movie this summer, should this be it? Is it THAT funny? I don't think Mrs. Shark would love that one, either.

Imagine That? Snicker. Night at the Museum 2? Didn't care for the first. I'd rather go to the actual Smithsonian, and I'm not being glib; I really would. Come to think of it, that's looking like a great option.

Drag Me to Hell? Nah. Taking of Pelham 123? I saw the original, and I can't get pumped for a remake, even one with an interesting cast. The upcoming Year One could be a riot or a disaster, and I don't think I want to gamble upwards of 20 bucks next week to find out which label is more apt.

The more I consider this, the more one movie stands out as the logical choice: Up.

I have seen every major Pixar release in a movie theater, except for last year's "Wall-E," and I never felt like I didn't get my money's worth. Well, I saw a few of them for free, but I would have paid for them if I had to. Even the weakest of the bunch, "Cars," was an enjoyable experience--one that the wife and I saw on a matinee on my birthday, come to think.

So while I didn't think much of "Up" when I saw the previews, Pixar's track record (to say nothing of the critical acclaim it has garnered) is enough to make that my number one contender.

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