Saturday, August 3, 2013

An entirely selfless "rerun" this weekend...

I just want to call attention to a book review I did a few months ago, a strong recommendation of "The Great American Cereal Book." I do this because the author was kind enough to leave an appreciative comment, and I want to run it here because it may not be easily seen otherwise:

This is Marty Gitlin, author of The Great American Cereal Book.

I was just going through some of the reviews of the book and I stumbled upon this one. The book was featured in the New York Times, Time Magazine, Reader's Digest and Wall Street Journal, but I must say that I never got more of a kick out of a review than I did this one. The reviewer here really captured the essence of the book.

If anyone is interested in an autographed and personalized copy, please go to I will be glad to do just that ... and ship it to you for free. How often can you get a 365-page full-color book that is so much fun for $20?

Marty Gitlin
The Great American Cereal Book

I want to thank Marty again for the comment and extend congratulations on a fine book.

I am in no way calling attention to this to:

1) Pat myself on the back
2) Fill space on a slow weekend
3) Put this out there in the hopes of scoring review copies from publishers/studios since, hey, I like to read and watch DVDs, you know, folks

I repeat, in no way is any of that my motivation.

Well, maybe in an itsy-bitsy way,

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