Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Don't think of it as self-promotion...(ClassicFlix)

Think of it as a public service to you, because after you skim my latest piece, you can dig in and look at all the great columns and reviews available, not to mention the tons of DVDs available.

This is my way of telling you my latest ClassicFlix review, a look at a Soupy Sales collection,is now available on the site. Remember, tell 'em Cultureshark sent you...

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Soupy Sales - In Living Black and White
Soupy Sales - In Living Black and White
By Rick Brooks

I'm not sure you can really "get" Soupy Sales if you didn't grow up watching him, but I think you can certainly appreciate him. The very notion of a local kids' TV show host, let alone one who runs a ship as loose as this, seems outlandish in today's era of homogenized children's programming. Sure, there are children's cartoons that aim to appeal to grown-ups with a sly reference here and there, but as cheap-looking as modern animation can be, nothing outside of public access is as ramshackle as The Soupy Sales Show. You know what, though? To me, that crude "What the hey?" kind of attitude is the whole charm of it.

Not a lot of vintage Soupy Sales material is (read more)

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