Sunday, August 25, 2013

Warner Instant update

My recent overview of the new Warner Archive Instant streaming service is my most-viewed post of the summer, so I thought I'd add a few notes here:

*The flow of new titles continues to be consistent, with 12-15 movies added each week, and not many (that I know of) being dropped.

*Lately the concentration seems to be on the late 50s through 70s era, with a lot of interesting genre titles like "The Giant Behemoth" arriving in recent weeks. Personally I'd like to see more 1930s and 1940s efforts, and I think that time period's selection could definitely be beefed up.

*That said, I'd probably be happy if they just kept adding Monogram and Allied Artists titles.

*This isn't the first time nor the first streaming service on which this happened to me, but I saw an interesting new add last week and thought, "Oh, I'll have to watch that," only to realize after a few minutes that, "Wait, I already own that on DVD." Oops.

*The TV selection still gets only sporadic updates, but I buried what for me is the most exciting tidbit: In a recent chat with Reddit, Warner Archive head honcho George Feltenstein gave a scoop: Coming soon to Instant are "Bronk" with Jack Palance--not a big shock since that was listed as coming soon earlier--and the 1970s Danny Thomas sitcom "The Practice!" Whichever month that arrives, I will gladly fork over my 10 bucks just to see that one.

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